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Mar 28, 2017

Ben and Maggie Bowman of Chicago got the honeymoon of a lifetime - an all-expense-paid adventure to three stunningly beautiful destinations. The only catch? It was all for the pilot episode of the reality TV show "Honeymoon Hunters" on The Travel Channel. In this podcast, they share their experience, whether they would do it again, and their best non-TV tips for all newlyweds.

Mar 21, 2017

Rob Shipman has traveled the world on a global culinary adventure as an executive chef for hire. Rob tells host Mark Albert how he comes up with unique dishes in each of the countries where he works, admits he's changed a dish to make it more photogenic in our Instagram culture, and gives listeners one of his favorite recipes to make for themselves at home. Visit Rob's website at

Mar 14, 2017

Scott McCartney has written The Middle Seat column covering aviation for The Wall Street Journal since 2002. He chats with host Mark Albert about his much-watched annual airline rankings, whether airline CEOs ever yell at him, and the big changes ahead for fliers in 2017.

Mar 7, 2017

Russell Leven, director of the new PBS series City in the Sky, explains how he put together such an extraordinary, behind-the-scenes look at global aviation for PBS and the BBC in three episodes: Departure, Airborne, and Arrival.